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Market research, business case study, valuation analysis, strategic planning and development are at the core of our capabilities and consultancy. Our expertise and continually evolving business knowledge are soundly based in decades of experience working with clients on critical issues facing the business world today, where globalization and the rapid pace of technology innovation continues to transform products, markets, and industries.

We focus our consulting practice in media, cable TV, broadband communications, financial services, healthcare, education and consumer products industries.



As a vital element in the field of marketing information, marketing research provides key information to link a business to the consumer. AHL conducts both quantitative and qualitative research to bolster our client’s marketing impact in several ways:

· Identifying and defining marketing opportunities and problems

· Generating, refining and evaluating marketing actions

· Improving understanding of marketing as a process

· Recommending specific marketing activities, which can be made more effective.

Our market research approach is systematic and thorough. It starts with a deep understanding of key research objectives. Based on that, we identify the relevant data required to address such objectives and design the appropriate instruments and processes for information collection. Specifically, we perform business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business research in the following areas:

·    Advertising Effectiveness and Tracking

·    Branding and Positioning Research

·    Consumer Attitude and Usage Research

·    Competitive Assessment Research

·    Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Research

·    Customer Service and Operational Research

·    Distribution channel research

·    International expansion/market entry strategy research

·    Market demand estimation and forecasting

·    New Product and concept testing

·    Packaging research

·    Pricing research (discrete choice, conjoint analysis)

·    Product Development and Testing

·    Segmentation studies

·    Usage & attitude studies

The findings and recommendations from our research provide companies with valuable insights and fresh perspectives into customer needs, and help them guide successful innovation at every point of the business development process, from identifying unmet market demands to visualizing new product concepts. By keenly anticipating change in market trends, we can help define new business opportunities, improve marketing programs, increase customer satisfaction, and devise effective business strategies.



Strategy is the comprehensive, corporate vision defining the means by which a business will deliver value to its customers and shareholders. This vision then drives the operating approach implemented at all levels of the business, influencing management decision-making processes in resource allocation to maximize value creation.

At AHL, we apply our industry knowledge, business planning expertise, and market research insight to all aspects of corporate strategy development and formulation. We can help companies evaluate the profitability of individual business units and contributions to corporate value relative to their full potential. This entails a coherent analysis of a company's portfolio of product/market opportunities in order to ascertain where resources or capitals are best deployed. An integrated strategy delivers superior return on investment by dominating a few attractive markets/products with resources accurately allocated across businesses.

By focusing on key economic value drivers, we can develop specific strategic plans and offer objective, thoughtful management advice to assist businesses improving profitability, developing prudent diversification strategy, and architecting new business development opportunities.



Developing a corporate strategic plan requires matching a company's unique capabilities with its insights into the key value drivers of all its businesses. This process necessitates a detailed analysis of a company's current business situation and future forecasts. We gather this information through quantitative analysis and discussions with people at all levels of a corporation and industry.

At AHL, strategic planning is an integral part of our approach to strategy consulting. We seek to address all areas of strategic planning including corporate strategy and competitive benchmarking, products and services, customer service and operations, M&A and investment opportunities; and take a holistic view of a company to outline and define future corporate goals and objectives and map a process by which these will be achieved.

Throughout the strategic planning process, we work closely with our clients to review their current corporate strategy and identify and quantify all value creating opportunities, leading ultimately to an understanding of full economic potential of the business.



China's recent membership into WTO has inaugurated a new era in globalization and is poised to bring in unprecedented opportunity as well as major strategic implications for many U.S. companies. Having worked with companies in both Asia and Europe and with our deep understanding of the relevant cross-cultural issues, AHL principals can assist companies in identifying, structuring, and negotiating sensible M&A deals and winning joint ventures (JV) to explore the opportunities presented by this new global business environment.

Among the factors that have been driving the trend of cross-border strategic alliances are shortened product life cycle as well as increasingly intense global competition. At AHL, we understand that there is more at stake than just meeting stated interests in today’s complex business negotiation environment. We strive to raise our clients’ awareness of what is really possible to accomplish in negotiations and increase their choices about how to succeed in a mutually beneficial way:

·    Establishing a flexible framework to facilitate understanding and negotiating.

·    Creating and claiming more value through dialogue and exploration.

·    Nurturing and sustaining long-term relationships.

·    Resolving differences in a mutually beneficial manner.

To accomplish this goal, we dedicate our energy and effort first and foremost in developing and clearly defining the relevant links in the value chain. By providing reliable analysis of all relevant data, AHL creates clear insights into the development and negotiation process, enabling our clients to make sound, value-driven international business expansion decisions.